With Agatha SOP and Employee Records, there will be no more unnoticed expired SOP in your organization. Employees will easily acknowledge new versions of SOPs applicable to them.

Agatha SOP and Employee Records module is immediately available to your organization, validated out-of-the-box, in production.


Business administrators can adjust parameters and document types to your organization specific needs without technical knowledge and without re-validation.


Policies, Procedure, Work instructions and associated forms, templates, and translations are managed in Agatha standard SOP module.


Distribution to employees is managed through distribution lists at the document type level. Agatha’s Quiz function allows users to acknowledge documents using Quizzes. Agatha’s Controlled Print capabilitie ensure that paper based copies are managed properly.


Agatha scalable architecture and immediately available solutions allow to support a wide range of clients, from small Biotechs of a few dozens of users, to large pharmas with thousands of users.


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Also, check out how Agatha can help with your Clinical, Regulatory and Quality documentation.




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