Benefits - Agatha Content Management Cloud for Life science and Healthcare

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Immediately available

Agatha is available right away in PROD. No time wasted on complicated technical set-up and validation project. We do all that for you.

Best Value

Since we are cloud based and don't rely on expensive third party platforms, our cutting age technology is very affordable.

Unique Features

Agatha offers advanced unique features that you won't find in any other solutions and allowing to double our clients team productivity.

Packaged Modules

Based on your business needs, we will push 1 or several validated modules that you can start using right away, validated, in production.


Agatha is so simple to use that users receive training using a video clip when they first connect, acknowledge their training and are ready to go.

Validation and Compliance

Agatha follows pharma validation processes. Agatha is fully compliant with GxP regulations worldwide, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Local Business Support

Agatha's Support Team fully understands business operations in medical and pharmaceutical industries, and answers your questions clearly.

Private Cloud Service

Agatha offers a highly secure, highly reliant, high performance, compliant, cloud service, based on the largest hosting provider in the world.

Immediately Available

Agatha is immediately available for productive use, validated. No time wasted on complicated technical set-up or validation project.

Because we offer Agatha on our validated multi-tenant secured Cloud environments, and because we validate our solutions for our clients, Agatha is immediately available for productive use.

It is basically just a matter of setting up your accounts and you are good to go. No more expensive and complicated technical and validation projects to manage.


Best value

Agatha provides the best value for money on the market.

The reasons why Agatha’s solutions are affordable while others are expensive is because:

  • We manage one Cloud service for all of our clients. We don’t spend our money in maintaining and supporting multiple versions of a product, on multiple environments, for multiple clients. We invest our R&D on providing more value to our clients with new functionalities.
  • We don’t customize. There are dozens of parameters to adjust our solutions to your business needs, but we don’t allow custom programming. So we don’t have to maintain multiple custom codes for multiple clients. We focus on R&D instead.
  • We don’t rely on expensive 3rd party products. Agatha has developed a proprietary document management and web form engine. Therefore, we don’t have to pay expensive 3rd party licenses. We direct our investments to R&D instead.
  • No time wasted on technical or validation projects. We guarantee you to be up and running in production in a few days (including training and adjustment of parameters). We don’t charge hundreds of thousands for setting up your environment and for delivering a complex, risky and time consuming technical and validation project. We validate and test for you so that you don’t have to worry about it!


Unique Features

Agatha guarantees that even your most advanced processes can be covered. Agatha is also the innovate leader in the space with unique high-value functionalities that you will not find anywhere else.

Agatha includes all of the document management and forms functionalities that one could expect. Our solutions are very flexible and can be adjusted to your business needs using dozens of parameters, without re-validation. In addition to those core features, Agatha offers unique functionalities combined into a single platform:

  • Auto-generation of content based on metadata.
  • Parallel online review with annotation.
  • Web form management.
  • Structured content authoring.
  • Auto-classification of documents based on artificial intelligence.


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Packaged Modules

Agatha provides validated modules that we push to your environment based on the processes that you need to manage.

Based on the business processes that you need to manage (for example SOP management or Clinical eTMF) we will push one or several validated modules to use on your environment. You can adjust the modules to your business needs (by changing parameters) without the need to re-validate.




Agatha is so simple to use that a 10-minute eTraining video is enough to train your users.

Users simply watch a short video that they acknowledge when they first connect to Agatha. Once approved, their eTraining is recorded, and they can start using Agatha. No complex training plan is needed.


Validation and Compliance

We provide you with a validated system that is compliant with GxP regulations and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

  • Our solutions are validated out-of-the-box on Agatha multi-tenant Cloud Environment. The validation includes the changes of parameters.
  • We maintain a compliance check-list against FDA 21 CFR Part 11 (electronic records and signature). A compliance letter can be provided to clients for them to show during audits.
  • This basically means that clients do not need to perform any validation to use Agatha.

In addition, Agatha is fully equipped with all the functions necessary to manage GxP documents and processes including Audit Log, Electronic signature, Compliant PDF Rendition, Auditor’s view, and Compliant data export (enabling  clients to export all documents, audit log, metadata, stored within Agatha in one click).

Local Business Support

Although we are global, we support our clients locally, 24×7, in each region of the world (from US, EU and Japan).

Our support teams speak English, Russian, Italian, French and Japanese.


Agatha’s Support Team fully understands business operations in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and answer your questions clearly.


Private Cloud Service

Agatha offers a highly secure, highly reliant, high performance, compliant, cloud service.

  • Agatha is an AWS partner, the largest hosting provider in the world.
  • Our environments are fully validated. (We qualify the AWS environment and validate our product on top of it.)
  • Agatha Cloud satisfies the requirements of our most security-sensitive customers. 3rd party penetration testing is performed on each major release of Agatha.
  • We encrypt data end-to-end data encryption during transit and at rest. There is a strong segregation of non-productive and productive environments through Virtual Private networks. In addition, each environment only exposes a reverse proxy server making the internal topology of the Agatha environments completely private.
  • Agatha validation and production environments are only accessible to a handful of authorized personnel.