Agatha enables CROs to automatically manage clients documentation consistently and securely, exchange documents externally and auto-classify documents collected from clients!


Agatha’s immediately available clinical solution enables CROs to:

  • Manage their client clinical documentation as per the TMF Reference model. The TMF reference model can be adjusted with no re-validation on a per client basis, and on a per study type.
  • Placeholders and check lists are available to ensure that milestones (like IP Green light) are reached at site or country levels.
  • Agatha’s content auto generation based on metadata (for example FDA1572 web forms when a new site is added to a study) ensures that you are not spending your time on low value tasks but on what’s important to your clients.
  • Agatha’s auto classification feature allows CRAs to drop a batch of documents (collected at client sites) and have them automatically pre-classified in the right study with the right country, site and artifact.

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