Agatha is much more than a document management system. It enables organizations to automatically manage all of the processes associated with clinical trials: protocol dissemination, auto-classification of documents, IP Green Light, leveraging key functionalities like structured content authoring!


Agatha’s immediately available clinical solution enables Pharmaceutical companies to:

  • Manage their Electronic Trial Master File consistently across trials. The TMF Reference model is provided in standard and can be adjusted with no re-validation.
  • Manage Protocol dissemination to Countries and Sites easily.
  • Automatically manage access to external partners (e.g. CROs) at corporate, country or site levels, and Investigator Site File (ISF).
  • Automatically generate content based on metadata: for example, automatically generate FDA1572 web forms when a new site is added to a study.
  • Auto classify documents at import time.
  • Quality Check documents intelligently.
  • Manage IRB process using pre-filled web form.


Are you writing product descriptions over and over, or spend time to copy / paste old documents to create new ones? Are you manually entering information into FDA1572 forms? Contact us for a demo, or start a free trial.