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A Free Trial!

We’re excited! Are you?

Thank you for your interest in a free trial of one or more Agatha applications. Our goal is to get you quickly set up so you can dive into the application and see for yourself how easy it is to manage your clinical and quality processes and documentation.

There’s no better way to know if Agatha is right for you, than to try it out. So get ready to start because we are setting up your environment as you read this!

Before you go…please tell us what your biggest challenge is today in your work. We like to help plan your trial experience around your needs.

Having the pilot is what made all the difference for us. It’s where we learned first hand what it was like to upload documents, to go through all the approval processes and all the different options, including any required configuration. I got to know the application and was able to provide feedback around my concerns, as well as understand what we would need to configure to meet our processes. So it was definitely crucial to our decision.”

Giulia Bignami

Clinical Research Associate, Optos

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