5 Keys to Successful Remote Monitoring

From our work with a number of sponsors, CROs, and site organizations, there are five key things you need to do at the site level to ensure success when transitioning to remote monitoring and Clinical Trial Management.

Take a look at what’s inside the guide.

Remote Monitoring Today

The rise of remote monitoring in clinical trials


Educate your stakeholders to gain buy in and support.

Keep it Simple

Ensure technology at the Site level is easy to use.

The Technology

Implement a remote monitoring solution that works with other applications.


Create incentives to drive changes in behavior.

Remember Costs

Reduce costs for sites and recognize their economic realities.

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With the technology to enable remote monitoring and quality management readily available, it is clear that the remaining obstacles are cultural, regulatory, and economic. We all need to work together to drive this change from on-site, in-person visits to a remote model because it can accelerate and reduce the costs of trials, which today is more critical than ever.

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