Agatha Announces New Capabilities and New Extended and Premium Editions of Its Suite of Clinical and Quality Applications

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Blog

Boston, MA, USA; Lyon, France; Tokyo, Japan.  June 10, 2021, Agatha Inc. announced new features and capabilities for its clinical, quality, and compliance applications for life sciences companies. A total of 11 new capabilities were announced, focused on increasing ease-of-use and collaboration, simplifying integration, and enhancing reporting capabilities.

The company also announced new Extended and Premium Editions of each of its applications. 

Included in the new capabilities is the ability to directly create, edit, and collaborate on Microsoft Word and Excel documents from within Agatha.

“Agatha application users now have a seamless experience, and never have to leave Agatha to edit Office documents. This is a huge improvement over the traditional approach used by most vendors, which requires users to wait while Word or Excel starts and loads the document, and then stops and transfers the document back.”

Gui Gerard, Agatha COO

Also new are two features for remote site management:

  • Post Mark Surveys enable sponsors and CROs to create, distribute, and collect feedback surveys on clinical trials.
  • Informed Consent Management allows sponsors and CROs to collect informed consent documents directly from sites.

Other new capabilities include extensions and enhancements to Agatha’s reporting capabilities and the ability for multiple users to collaborate on a document in real-time, again without having to leave the Agatha environment.

On the integration side, Agatha is providing a REST API toolkit to allow easy integration with other Clinical Operations applications.

The new features and capabilities are powerful enhancements that separate and differentiate Agatha from other vendors, and enhance its position in the market as the highest-value provider.

“These new capabilities include powerful enhancements that enable our customers’ clinical and compliance teams to effectively and collaboratively manage processes without having to continually switch to other applications.”

Chiemi Kamakura, Agatha CEO

The new features are available for all Agatha’s applications: 

Several of the new features and capabilities are included in the current Standard Edition, while others come with the new Extended and Premium Editions. Learn more about the new editions here.

All the versions and new capabilities are available immediately.

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