Celebrating New Milestones in 2024

by | Dec 28, 2023 | Blog, news and events

Agatha’s Japanese Team 2023

Agatha’s suite of applications has been pivotal in advancing document and clinical study management across biotech, medical device manufacturing, and pharmaceutical industries. We have been at the forefront of clinical process innovation and regulatory compliance.

The year 2024 is a landmark for Agatha. Here’s why.

1- Japan’s Market Breakthrough

Agatha’s journey in Japan has been remarkable, with over 600 hospitals adopting our solutions, covering 30% of the market. This increase from 340 to 600 hospitals in six months not only signifies our solutions’ effectiveness in streamlining clinical processes and improving the quality of patient care, it also shows how much users like the tool, as it is spreading rapidly across the Healthcare sector in Japan. By 2024, we will be aiming for a 50% market share in Japan.

2- Global Expansion and Recognition

Our global reach is evidenced by the widespread adoption of Agatha’s solutions by pharmaceutical companies and clinical sites worldwide, demonstrating our capability to meet diverse international needs in the life sciences sector. In 2024, we’ll be focusing even more on international business. 

3- Our Team: The Core of Agatha

Our global team, led by founders Chiemi Kamakura, Guillaume Gérard, Ahmed Nafkha, and Robert Karlsson, has been crucial in driving our growth from 5,000 to 40,000 users, with a 350% revenue increase in three years. This growth is a testament to our innovative corporate culture and collaborative spirit. In 2024, we will continue to recruit strategically to strengthen all areas of our business. 

4- Strategic Partnerships and Customer Endorsements

  • Distributor Partnerships:

Our collaboration with Tri-I Biotech is central to our strategy in the Chinese market. In October 2023, we welcomed Tri-I’s senior management Michael Lee and Iris Tsai to Lyon, where we discussed our tailored approach to China’s unique pharma landscape. In 2024, we will continue to nurture these strategic partnerships and focus on developing them further.

Agatha & TRI-I senior management

  • Customer Endorsements:

A highlight of our customer endorsements was the meeting between Chiemi Kamakura, CEO of Agatha and Jean-Guillaume Lafay, CEO of Mablink Bioscience. Chiemi met Jean-Guillaume in Lyon in October 2023, underscoring the importance of this partnership for advancing Mablink’s innovative cancer therapies. This meeting not only reinforced our long-standing collaboration but also highlighted the global reach and impact of Agatha’s solutions. With the help of Agatha, Mablink was indeed able not only to focus on their science but also on their documents and data. This greatly increased the valuation of Mablink for their recent acquisition by Eli Lilly. In 2024, we’ll be taking even greater care to ensure that all our customers are successful, by improving our post-sale follow-up and continuing to provide the very highest level of service.


Chiemi Kamarura : CEO Agatha – Jean-Guillaume Lafay : CEO Mablink

5- Agatha in 2024 – A Year of Global Collaboration

In October 2023, members of our American and Japanese teams joined us at the Château de Pizay in Beaujolais (near Lyon, France), an event that was a testament to our commitment to cultural integration and team synergy. This gathering sparked new ideas and strengthened our collaborative efforts. In January 2024, both Agatha’s French and American teams are scheduled to meet in Japan, further solidifying our international bonds and fostering a shared vision for future endeavors. 2024 will be no different, and we’ll continue to meet regularly in different settings, to build on our ideas and strengthen our ties. 

Agatha’s French team with members of the JP and US teams.

2024 marks a year where Agatha not only celebrates its growth and expansion but also cherishes its vibrant corporate culture, strategic partnerships, and the endorsements of our customers. As we look to the future, we remain committed to innovation, collaboration, and improving the global landscape of clinical processes in life sciences.

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