Agatha’s Client Referral Program

by | Dec 28, 2023 | Blog, news and events

At Agatha, our journey in transforming the life sciences software industry has been driven by the trust and support of our esteemed clients. In recognition of this collaborative spirit, we are thrilled to unveil our exclusive Client Referral Program. This initiative is designed to deepen our community ties and bring our innovative solutions to a broader audience, all while providing our clients with unique benefits and recognition.

1- Why Engage in Our Client Referral Program?

Our Client Referral Program is a testament to the power of professional networks and trusted recommendations. By referring Agatha to your industry peers, you’re not just sharing a product; you’re endorsing a partnership that champions innovation, efficiency, and excellence in the life sciences field.

2 – Benefits Tailored to Our Valued Clients

  • Exclusive Rewards: For every successful referral that culminates in a new partnership with Agatha, we will extend exclusive rewards to show our appreciation. This will include complimentary access to premium services.

  • Professional Networking Opportunities: Referring Agatha opens doors to an expanded network of life sciences professionals. This can pave the way for collaborative ventures, shared insights, and potential innovations.

  • First Look at New Developments: As a valued referrer, you will enjoy early access to our latest features and updates, keeping you at the forefront of technological advancements in the sector.

  • Acknowledgment and Exposure: We believe in celebrating the contributions of our clients. Active participants in our referral program will be recognized in our communications, at events, and in our annual gatherings, highlighting your pivotal role in growing our community.

3 – How to Participate

Joining our Client Referral Program is simple:

  • Express Your Interest: Reach out to your Agatha representative to indicate your interest in the program. Or send an email to :

  • Share Your Agatha Experience: Use your own success stories and experiences with Agatha to introduce our solutions to your peers.

  • Personalized Referrals: Instead of referral codes and cookies, we rely on personal introductions. Let us know whom you’ve referred, and we’ll take it from there, ensuring a tailored and smooth introduction to our services.

4 – Our Dedication to You and Your Referrals

We value the trust you place in us when making a referral. Rest assured that we will extend the same high-quality service and attention to your peers as we do to you. Our team is committed to providing comprehensive support, ensuring a seamless experience for new clients joining the Agatha family.

Your referrals are a testament to the trust and satisfaction you’ve found in Agatha’s solutions. They embody the spirit of advancement and collaboration that drives the life sciences industry forward. Participate in our Client Referral Program and play a key role in shaping the future of clinical process management together with Agatha.

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