Agatha signs partnership agreement with Italian IT consultant Arithmos

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Agatha, a document management cloud service provider for the medical field, signed a partnership agreement with Italian IT consultant Arithmos

“A Partnership Agreement with Italian IT Consultant Arithmos” was released.

Agatha Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Chiemi Kamakura, hereinafter “Company”), which provides a cloud service for document management for the medical field, is Arithmos, a company that provides IT consulting for the life sciences industry. (Headquarters: Italy, hereinafter “Arithmos”) signed a resale agreement with a partner.

We provide document management and quality control cloud service “Agatha” that realizes cost reduction and quality improvement by making paperless for medical and pharmaceutical fields in Japan and globally. In Japan, 80% of clinical research core hospitals have a track record of use.

Arithmos is a market leader in Italy that provides consulting services and digital strategies for the construction of quality management systems that comply with international standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 and European regulations for the life sciences industry.

“Arithmos aims to support digitization and process optimization in the life sciences industry. This partnership with Agatha provides one of the key challenges for life sciences companies, document management processes. We will be able to respond more closely to the needs of our customers than ever before, ” said Silvia Gabanti, Managing Director of Arithmos.

Guillaume Gerard, our COO, said: “This alliance will allow us to further expand our business in Italy and provide more service and post-implementation support. Life Science industry savvy Arithmos will partner with Agatha for its high quality cloud system. This makes it easier for our Italian customers to ensure compliance and to help them further in their document management and quality control processes. ”

Through this partnership, we will further strengthen the sales of Agatha and aim for an overseas sales ratio of 50% by 2020. We will provide IT and AI for clinical trials and clinical research to streamline the work efficiency of our customers all over the world, and contribute to society through the foundation of the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

[About Arithmos]
Arithmos is based in Italy and provides IT solutions, services, and consultants for the life science industry. Business analysis solution, digital strategy (eHealth, IoT, big data analysis, etc.) clinical trial procedure management, safety management standard, clinical trial computerization solution, data migration, and security and integrity solutions.

It complies with international standards and European regulations such as ISO 9001 (acquired in 2015) and ISO 27001 (acquired in 2014).

・ Full press release ” Agatha, a cloud service provider of document management for the medical field, signed a partnership agreement with Italian IT consultant Arithmos “

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