In Recognition of all the Great Women Leading Agatha’s Future

by | Mar 9, 2020 | Blog, news and events

Sunday, March 8, 2020, was International Women’s Day and it’s a day that we recognize at Agatha not just to celebrate all the women in the world who are doing great things for their companies and their families but to also recognize the hard work and efforts of the women who work at Agatha directly.

Agatha’s employee base comprises 60% of females, many of them in leadership roles. These women help drive the efforts to build Agatha’s products and services to be the next generation of life sciences applications, a new generation of applications that help life sciences companies manage their information better, so they can focus their time on helping save lives.

Agatha has a motto: “Contributing to a healthy life for people around the world.”

Today, we thought we’d take a minute to recognize some of the great women who work at Agatha, including:

Agatha started in 2015 with a simple idea – to help life sciences companies that performed clinical research and clinical trials across the world to effectively manage their information.

Digital transformation is about improving technology, strategies, and processes. For companies involved in clinical trials, a major goal has been to digitize documentation to improve information management, including to support compliance and regulatory requirements. Agatha’s applications for clinical trials, standard operation procedures, quality, and regulatory management are designed to support this transformation as easily and quickly as possible without great expense. We would rather see life sciences companies such as pharma, biotechs, hospitals, and others focus their attention on better treatments and medicine, than worrying where and how to store all their documentation.

Kamakura has spent almost 20 years working on and building better applications for life sciences. With Agatha, she is building a company that believes in the well being of people across the world, including Japan, the US, and the EU. Under her leadership, Agatha has made a commitment to support women and other people with limited work opportunities to help build this better world.

So from all of us at Agatha, we say thank you to Chiemi, and to all the women in Agatha and everywhere who strive to make us all better people.

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