Pioneering Life Sciences Applications and AI-Driven Future Innovations

by | Dec 28, 2023 | Blog, news and events

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2023 has been a very exciting year for Agatha with 20,000 additional users joining the Agatha family. 2024 will be even more exciting from a product perspective with Agatha leading the way with the use of AI Large Language Models for the Life Sciences.

Our goal is to transform the way the life science industry works. This commitment not only underlines our expertise, but also our dedication to addressing the unique challenges faced by biotechs, medical device companies, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Agatha’s Roadmap Overview for AI Integration:

With the amazing developments of the large language models (such as GPT-4), our ambitious plans for 2024 and 2025 are designed to revolutionize how life sciences companies manage and interact with their documentation.

Key functional areas of Agatha’s development include:

– Research and Virtual Assistance: What if you could chat with your clinical study eTMF or with your quality system?  Implementing AI-driven chatbots to streamline research processes within quality and clinical documentation and provide instant assistance is our goal for H1, 2024.

– Automated Document Categorization: Tired of filing documents at the right location and with the right placeholder? With Agatha AI-powered technology, clinical and quality documents will be automatically classified. For example, when receiving documents from a clinical site, the site code, document date, and document location will be automatically retrieved from the document content.

– Seamless Document Translation: Facilitating global collaboration through advanced, accurate translation tools. This will save a lot of time and improve accuracy related to the translation of clinical content.

– Regulatory and Clinical Content Generation: Employing AI to generate critical regulatory and clinical documents. That is, for example, being able to generate drafts of clinical summary reports, or audit certificates from the analysis of study content.

– Document Verification (QC Check): Ensuring quality and compliance through AI-powered document verification. Let’s say you receive tons of study documents from a CRO. This will verify that the dates located in a document are matching the metadata of the document.

Ensuring Data Integrity and Privacy:

In the realm of life sciences, the confidentiality and security of data are paramount.

Our primary approach is to use Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) then send the retrieved information to the AI model. For advanced tasks (related to content generation), the development of client-specific or project-specific generative models will be used. These models can optionally integrate public data, offering a robust yet flexible framework for data security while maintaining the integrity and privacy of sensitive information.

AI-Agnostic Approach: Empowering Clients with Choice:

Our AI-agnostic model empowers clients to integrate their preferred AI technologies, embracing the “Bring Your Own AI” philosophy.

This flexibility allows for seamless integration with various language models, with a particular focus on Microsoft GPT-4. Our efforts are further bolstered by strategic partnerships with industry leaders in generative AI, specializing in the development of medical and pharma specific algorithms to enhance the creation and management of life sciences documentation.

Laying the Groundwork – Our Current Achievements and Future Plans: 

Our progress in integrating AI within Agatha’s framework has been significant. 2023 was focused on establishing proof of concept and pilots for prompting documents within an Agatha workspace using GPT-4. This exciting development will soon materialize as a new “AI button feature”, enabling users to interact with their documents in innovative ways.

This feature will allow for the automatic assignment of metadata based on specific prompt questions, enhancing both accuracy and efficiency. As we look toward the future, our focus will shift to the generation of content, further streamlining document management processes.

Invitation for Collaboration:

We extend a cordial invitation to our clients, to collaborate with Agatha in this exciting phase of development.

Agatha is committed to being the innovator in AI and document management for the life sciences. We invite our clients and partners to engage with us, share feedback, and explore how these upcoming features can revolutionize their operations.

Together, we can forge a future where technology and human expertise combine to create unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in life sciences documentation.

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