Mablink Integrates Its ERP with Agatha

by | Apr 28, 2022 | Blog, news and events

One of the things we like at Agatha is to see how our customers are using our applications in new and unique ways. Yes, we have applications specifically for SOP management, managing the trial master file, and remote monitoring, but some customers also take advantage of our applications to manage other types of documents.

One example is our customer, Mablink. Mablink Bioscience specializes in the development of new cancer drugs and is currently in the preclinical phase for three ADC programs. The biotech has been a customer of Agatha’s for a few years and uses Agatha in some interesting ways, including integrating with its ERP system. We thought we would give you a quick view of what the company is doing and how you can extend the use of your Agatha applications.

Integrating Agatha and Sylob ERP

Mablink uses Agatha to compile and track all scientific and administrative documentation, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, including quality documents, SOPs, and contracts. It also uses Agatha as an electronic notebook or Lab book to track lab experiments.

Using Agatha in this manner provides the desired guarantee of quality for Mablink, from a scientific point of view and in terms of protecting their investments.

Like other companies, Agatha is not the only application Mablink uses. To manage customers, suppliers, and manufacturing orders and experiments, the company has implemented the Sylob ERP system.

Within the ERP, Mablink stores a list of experiments it runs. However, it keeps the details of the experiments within Agatha. So it needed a way to connect the two applications so that someone could click the experiment ID in Sylob and open the details of that experiment in Agatha. This integration happens through the use of the Agatha REST API.

Premium Reporting with Agatha

Along with the integration of the ERP application, Mablink also uses the data stored in Agatha to create advanced dashboards and reports. Using Agatha Premium Edition, Mablink exports its data to a reporting database connected to its reporting tool to create company dashboards and reports using AWS Quicksight.
Here’s an example of one of Mablink’s dashboards:

How Are You Managing Your Documents?

We often think that an application is built for a specific purpose and for only that purpose. But sometimes, with the right application, there are opportunities to extend its use to support other functions. Agatha applications are built to manage specific clinical and quality documents and processes, but they are configurable, allowing a company to extend its management of other documents and processes. Mablink is the perfect example of how to do it.

If you’d like to learn more about how Mablink is using Agatha’s applications, let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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