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Learn How to Manage SOPs with Agatha

Agatha SOP Demo Webinar

Join us as we take you through the key requirements for an SOP application, including the ability to track employee training records. We show you how you can manage your SOP documents with Agatha SOP and how can track employee SOP compliance and training activities.

You will learn how to:

  • Create and document policies using your own set of templates.
  • Manage and monitor processes for creation, review, and approval of SOPs.
  • Trigger periodic reviews at pre-set intervals to ensure up-to-date training activities and comprehensive documentation.
  • Track employee SOP compliance and training activities using documents, videos, and quizzes.
  • Use controlled print for paper copies.
  • Maintain a record of previous versions with full auditing.

Interested in seeing how Agatha’s applications can help you improve your clinical and quality processes? Take it for a test drive.

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