TMF Summit Webinar  On Demand:

Successfully Connecting Sites and Sponsors with a Modern eTMF

The Trial Master File, at its core, remains about documents, files, and storage. But a modern eTMF is as much about process management as it is about document management, and is quickly becoming a collaboration hub as well.

This session centered on the implementation of an eTMF at a Clinical Stage sponsor in the UK. This organization created a connected environment that connects all the stakeholders. It allows trial sites to upload ISF documents, the trial sponsor to monitor the sites and all the stakeholders to track and monitor the progress of the trial.  

By the end of the session, you will learn:

  • How a modern, cloud-based eTMF connects the trial Sponsor, CRO and Sites 
  • How remote monitoring works in real life
  • The obstacles encountered in rolling new technology out to trial sites
  • The unexpected benefits of having a collaboration hub connecting trial stakeholders
  • A roadmap for assessing the potential for similar technology in your clinical operations environment

Presented by Ken Lownie at the New Orleans 2022 TMF Summit

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